If you wish to apply to rent a property through Austin Brooks then we will conduct all matters relating to the rental and ongoing management through Austin Brooks.

Please observe the following procedures.

Austin Brooks charge the following fees to cover administration and referencing. The referencing fees will ‘hold’ the property and effectively take it off the market.

Single applicant - £150.00 inclusive of VAT. Two applicants – £220.00 inclusive of VAT. Additional applicants - £75.00 inclusive of VAT.

A tenancy will be agreed to you, subject to contract and referencing and most importantly subject to the following terms:

  1. A fully completed application form submitted with the correct application fee.
  2. Referencing will be outsourced to Van Mildert and should the application not be returned to us within 10 working days, we have the right to re-market the property to let.
  3. The landlord has accepted the offer to rent their property to you.
  4. Satisfactory references have been obtained by Van Mildert.

Once you have been provisionally accepted by the landlord (subject to referencing) and the application fee has been paid, this is non-refundable, unless the landlord withdraws the property for their own unanticipated circumstances. If you chose to withdraw after acceptance, or undeclared adverse information is discovered throughout the referencing process you will forfeit all fees that have been paid.

A Guarantor will be required for an individual tenant who is unable to provide satisfactory references or has been employed less than one year but is at the Landlord’s discretion. The Guarantor is usually a member of the individual’s family who is of sufficient means to provide suitable references. This person will be required to sign a legally binding document, which would make him/her liable for the rent for the term of occupancy if the tenant defaults on his/her payments. A fee of £75.00 inclusive of VAT will be charged to cover processing costs in this case.

Before taking possession of the property the deposit (usually equivalent to a month’s rent, unless stated otherwise on request) and the first month’s rent must be paid via bank transfer, credit/debit card (providing 3 working days for the amount to clear) (2% charge for use of credit card) into Austin Brooks chosen client account.

If there is any doubt as to what is included within this process then you should seek further clarification prior to submitting your application. The tenancy you are applying for is for a fixed term, if after this term both parties (landlord and tenant(s)) wish to extend then a fee of £50.00 inclusive of VAT will be paid by the tenant for renewing or extending the tenancy agreement. The full cost for extension is £100.00 inclusive of VAT, however you will share half of this cost with your landlord.

Details of our fees will be presented again in an Austin Brooks Terms and Conditions Agreement, which will be presented to applicants for signature as standard.

Tenant Fees

Tenant Fees Standard fees Your fees
Referencing fees (single applicant) £150.00
Referencing fees (two applicants) £220.00
Referencing fee (additional applicants) £75.00
Guarantor referencing fee £75.00
Holding fee Referencing fees
Deposit 1 month’s rent
First month’s rent 1 month’s rent
Extended tenancy fee £50.00 Charged if applicable
Check-out fee £75.00 for one visit
£30.00 for any additional visits
Charged if applicable
Failure to pay rent on the agreed date £30.00 Charged if applicable
Continued failure to pay rent on the agreed date £50.00 Charged if applicable