Professional Surveys

Buying your new home is an exciting time and we know the keys to your new front door can’t be in your hands soon enough. But are you sure it doesn’t require any further maintenance or repair?

It’s a cliché, but buying a new home is, for the vast majority of us, the largest financial commitment we will make. When committing to a purchase of this magnitude, it surely makes sense to ensure your new home is free from serious defects or, if it isn’t, that you are aware of potential cost to rectify any such matters before you sign on the dotted line?

It pays to have a professional make a detailed inspection of the property and provide you with a report of their findings so that you can be sure you are equipped with the full facts before committing yourself to your purchase.

With this information you can rest easily or carry on buying your home in full knowledge of the likely true cost or you might be able to renegotiate in light of any findings.

At Austin Brooks we will work with you along with qualified chartered surveyors, to discuss your requirements and advise the most appropriate survey to suit your circumstances.

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