Sell by Auction

We at Austin Brooks have teamed up with a national Auction house to extend our services into auctioning.

Those with a residential or a commercial property to sell and who wish to sell as well as have a minimum guaranteed sale price then this is probably for you.

The long held view that you sell only at a heavy discount is not true, now with the proven route of the online auction.

Austin Brooks uses the online service as the primary route of auctioning with the backup of the traditional room “as the last resort”. We have every confidence that with a more measured completion period for the buyer, this attracts a much larger audience.¬†Thereby with a larger audience than just the trade buyers we aim with our partner to secure a higher sale price where both the seller and buyer know they have a good deal.

With the uncertainties in the current market – even when a buyer is found through normal estate agency means- there is no guarantee the sale will complete. Our auctioning process is really a fantastic option to consider.

If you wish to buy or sell a property with certainty please contact Austin Brooks now.

Remember the sellers don’t pay anything. If you wish to know more then we look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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